I started my career in a commercial photo studio in Okayama, Japan, where I studied studio lighting and photo editing for 3 years before moving to London to study documentary photography/film.

After completing an internship at Ice 9 (Tromsø, Norway), I moved to Tokyo and started working in sports TV for DAZN and then full time editing documentaries, promos, behind the scenes, interviews, trailers and commercials for imageMILL.

Since turning freelance in 2021, I've had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects including documentaries, commercials, trailers, short and feature films.

I edit bilingually in English and Japanese.

For any further information, please contact me on ayawphoto @
お問い合わせは ayawphoto @ まで。

Finished Courses 終了コース:
Film Editing Pro:
The Art of Trailer Editing
The Art of Action Editing
The Art of Music Editing
Secrets of Creative Editing

The Art of Trailer Editing

The Art of Action Editing

Awards and Press:
IPOTY 2015 : the International Photographer of the Year - Honorable Mention
Lensculture : Lensculture
The Financial Times : The Oxford Anagama Kiln Project

AD Box Photography Inc. 株式会社アド ボックス フォトグラフィ (Japanese) : Photo studio in Okayama. 岡山のフォトスタジオ
Harrow Beekeepers Association (English)
Oxford Anagama kiln Project オックスフォート穴窯プロジェクト (English) : They are making pots in Japanese-style in the UK. オックスフォードで備前焼を焼こうと始まったプロジェクト
Whichford Pottery ウィッチフォードポタリー (English)
Wacca Farm ワッカファーム (Japanese) : An organic farm in Okayama. 岡山のオーガニック農家

Flickr : Ayawphoto

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